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Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Club 52Crew
Events, runs and news
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Hey...  Just because we might be a group hellbent on taking over the World, doesn't mean we don't know how to party!  Here we are glad enough to list runs and events that we will attend or sponsor.   Feel free to contact us to find out more about anything or to attend one of our functions. 

The 52Crew is going to sponsor a run for the first time in this area.  Our first annual Stripper Run will occur sometime soon.  More details are being hammered out at this time.  To keep updated write us and show your interest or check back as often as possible.  Remember: Strippers are people too and we must support our local strippers!

This spot reserved for the Toys for Tots run in this area...  We will keep you posted as information becomes available.

For anyone who doesn't know...  Harley Davidson (all rights reserved, Trade Mark...  Etc... Etc... Etc...) has celebrated their 100th birthday.  For any and all information you may have on this event, please look elsewhere.  The 52Crew may have a stable of Harleys (all rights reserved, Trade Mark... Etc...Etc...Etc...), we work on our own motorcycle and have watched as the company slowly sell out to the common market and turned it's back on the one's who have kept them around this long.  We support the Patch Holders and all other of the Brothers and Sisters in the wind who have worked hard and spun the wrenches on their machines.  Remember:  $30,000 and 3,000 miles DOESN'T MAKE YOU A BIKER!!!

Support ABATE Virginia!!!  Let those who ride decide!  Tell me...  How is it that in Virginia you can ride a mophead without a license and eye protection or helmet, but you need all these things for a motorcycle?   Let's get at the poloticians and show them that the Brothers and Sisters in the wind hold more power then the suits!

Webmaster is a biker and is not responsible for rights or any misinformation given herein.