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Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Club 52Crew
Known Supporters
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These are groups/people/businesses that have helped the Crew and deserve merit for their doings.  Thank you from all of us!!!

(434) 985-2245

KEITH from Madison Motorcycle has been invaluable to the Crew.  We highly recomend that you vist/call him ESPECIALLY if you own a Harley Davidson (Trade Mark, Restricted, yadda, yadda, yadda) motorcycle.  His prices on quality parts are nothing short of wonderful and his knowledge of motorcycles is incredible!  Call him to order that new part or get an appointment to have a true WIZARD work on your scoot.  He is Harley (Trade Mark, Resricted, yadda yadda yadda) Certified and has numerous degrees for motorcycle repair.  If you are like the Crew and do business with the little person and not the major coperations...  CALL HIM!!!   (434)985-2245


TWANGER, CHROME, and all the other IRREGULARS have greeted the Crew with open arms.  Please check out their link on our Favorite Links page!!!  They are a great bunch of guys and know how to throw a great party!!!  And the Crew wishes the newest chapter of the IRREGULARS the best of luck!!!

OVERTHROW YOUR BOSS!!! $25-$75hr PT/FT: (888)214-9495

These great people helped some of the Crew lose quite a bit of weight. We were skeptical until they told us if it didn't work, they'd give us our cash back... THanks you guys!!! *(888) 246-5679

LIVE   FREE...   OR   DIE!!!