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   This page is dedicated to all those who have helped me through rough times.  The list is not as significant as I'm sure it is for some people but the people that this page is dedicated to know that I care immensly about you.  The song below is my dedication.

I would like to name a few of those with whom I have in mind as I build this page:  mom&dad, WildKat, Aurora,Bear, Dr. Mike, Young One, Wayne, Smitty, Valorie, Mortisha and S-O-P.  These names are of course in no particular order as I have no way to put you all first except in my heart...

I felt this before, now I feel it again

No matter how hard I try, this feeling won't end

So I, pretend you're here by my side

Tonight, on this lonely ride


Life goes on, while you're miles away

Time rolls on as night spills to day



You healed up my wounds and I tasted your tears

You spilled out your heart so I let out my fears

But one fear I kept to myself

How I'd wish that you 'd love no one else

The way that you love me


Life goes on, when you're miles away

Time goes on, as night spills to day

If you only knew how much I miss you


When my mind plays it's tricks on me

It shows me things I don't want to see

That's why I tell myself, I gotta tell myself that...


Life goes on while you're miles away

Time goes on as night spills to day

Life goes on, you're still miles away

And I miss you

And just last night, I travel with you..



"Life Goes On"  By: Poison










Kick back a cold one!

Choppers Rule!

If I have to explain..  You'll never understand!!!

Friends and what they've been to me:

BEAR: Was my Best man at my first wedding
DR. MIKE:  Best man at second wedding (I married the same girl both times)
SMITTY: One hell of a friend!
AURORA:  Thank you for being there through the darkest times of my life.  I'll never forget you!

Some CDs you gotta check out:
More Fast and the Furious, Poison, Motorhead, Tantric, Kid Rock, and Dr. Dre to name a few...