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Greetings and welcome to my first official website since WBS back in 1995!   This is a first attempt for a site and I'm going to see how it turns out as to if it stays this way or not, so keep your eyes open...  You never know.

   Alot of the pages herein are adverse.  I want to warn those who are reading it, if you go into a page that is dedicated for "haters" and you have not oppressed or tried to hold me down, nothing said on that page relates to you.  But I do hope you'll go through and look it all over and most importantly let me know what you think.

What's New?

   Every-goddamn-thing...  That's what's new...  This page still has new car smell folks...  So your imput is valuable. 


"You want to f**k with me
Don't test the odds
Because you're arms are too short
To box with God!!!"